Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pencil Problem

Does this happen to you? You're working on a project and the pencil brakes. I have tired to sharpen this type of pencil with a little hand sharpener, and I have tried using as electric sharpener. And I still brake the lead. I have tried to not push too hard as I'm drawing the line but I still brake the lead. So please tell me the secret to using this kind of pencil. I prefer the blue wash away pen but, there are times when I need the gray or white pencil. Is there something better? Side note:
Recently I went back to work and have been asked where or what job do I have? I am an Office Manager for a Dentist office in a town close by. It's been a good challenge learning everything in the Dental field and still have much to learn. But I am very grateful to have this job.

Also, on one of my post I had a comment from Trisa Clements who lives in Chesterfield VA. She wanted to talk to me about a tablerunner I did, but she didn't leave an email. So Trisa if you see this please leave your email so I can get back to you or you can leave me an email. Thanks

Hope you have a great day. :o}



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I have the Fons & Porter mechanical pencil for my white marking. (I gave up on the ones that needed to be sharpened - the lead ALWAYS broke.) This one also makes a finer line.

Deana said...

I also have similar problems with ALL colored pencils. It is an inherent problem with the composition of the "lead" as they try to put in more pigment in to get the color necessary, there isn't enough binder to hold it together. I have an old tailors chalk that I use sometimes. I don't know if they still sell those or not. It doesn't make as fine of a line and pencils do. I will have to try the mechanical pencil next time.

Sheri said...

I use an electric sharpener but it is a more expensive one. The battery powered ones don't work. I think these pencils are temperamental but I still like them.