Sunday, May 3, 2009

Carpenter's Tools

In 2006 I picked up a book called "The American Quilt Story". At the end of the book there are some quilt patterns from the late nineteenth century. I really like older quilts and marvel at how beautiful they are. And what it took to make them. No rotary cutters, no rulers with grids on them. They just used what ever they had to make the pattern and for the most part they turned out beautiful.

While looking through the book I came across the pattern Carpenter's Square. Never heard of that, I've heard of Carpenter's Wheel but, not the Square. So I thought I would give it a try.
And put together 4 squares. The pattern was easy enough however, the book said it was "Advanced skill level" not sure why?

I have enjoyed this one in different places of my home, through out the year.

In January of this year I decided to give the "Carpenter's Wheel" a try. I think it turned out ok.

I would say on a skill level this one is a little more difficult only because it has Y seams. However if you mark the 1/4" seam allowance it makes the Y seam a piece of cake.
I hope you have a great week. :o} And I hope the weather calms down and gives everyone a chance to do clean up.


Barb said...

I like them both...never seen the carpenter one before...interesting.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I am sending you a link to the
International Quilt Study Center & Museum
they have a Carpenters Square in the collection there.
yours is awesome too..

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

I tried to bring sunshine home with me. No such luck. I'm already having withdrawals. Great quilts. The square made me dizzy looking at it! LOL. ;o) ooxx`jodi

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Just beautiful, Regena! I love looking at your quilts.

limpingalong said...

I'm looking at the red/white quilt and I cannot see the blocks. Can you give us a hint of how it is assembled?
It is beautiful!