Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Came to visit the NW

Well winter has come to the Northwest. And has left it's mark. I think we are up to 15" of snow. The last time the Portland area had that much snow was 1968. Around here that's a lot of snow. We have so many hills and ups and downs on our roads that any amount of snow or ice makes it difficult to get around. Today the City of Gresham (about 25 miles away) declared a State of Emergency. Because the fire trucks and emergency vehicles can't get where they need to go to help people. This is a pond down the road from my house. I think we took this picture on Saturday.

I took this picture today this is my little red car that gets me where ever I need to go. :o{
I'm ready for the rain. Wait was that me that said I'm ready for rain! Oh my! :o]
Stay warm everyone. Have a great Christmas!


Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

I'm not ready for rain yet. I'm having too much fun with my blog. I removed my last comment because I didn't spell check!