Monday, December 1, 2008

One more T-shirt quilt

Lisa from Las Vegas asked if I could do one more T-shirt quilt before Christmas. I said sure no problem. When the box came I opened it and found a good challenge. Lisa sent 4 T-shirts (3 of them exactly the same) and 9 photos. Wow! I had to stop and think about this one for a few days.
Mean while Ferdi found the box and decided it was just the right size for a nap. I couldn't get him out of the box for two days. :o}
This is what I came up with I think it turned out OK.
This quilt is for the coach and his wife. Both are tennis players for UNLV.

I hope they like the quilt and have a great Christmas. :o}


Chikako said...

I love it!
I am 100% sure that they will like it too. What a way to use those old T-shirts.

Simply This and That said...

Fantastic! Way to go. I'm sure they'll be thrilled!