Friday, September 5, 2008

Quilting /buisness

I thought I would try something different when I applied for a quilting job at Connecting Threads. So far I've done 4 jobs for them. You can check out their web site and see job #2. The first job I did was a test project. Which means the person sewing reads the pattern and makes the project to see if it all comes together. Job #2 was start to finish. And you can find it under Kits. Then click on view all kits. The project name is Emilie's Winding Ways.Job #3 should be out in October and Job #4 should be out in November.It's been fun and gets me out of my comfort zone.Connecting Threads is a mail order--webbed based fabric company. They have nice fabric and cute kits availabe and a reasonable price.Check it out.

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bingo~bonnie said...

ooough.. what a neat job to have! I just looked at their webpage and they have yoru quilt on the home page and it's colors are so soft and pretty. What fun making somehting with a new variety of fabrics that you don't have to purchase! :) Do you get to keep the quilt when you are done? I bet not..ea? Love from Texas! ~bonnie