Monday, August 25, 2008

My quilting cats

As I mentioned in my profile I have a couple of cats.Tyler is my big five toed sweet cat. He likes to help me sew and tests my quilts. He's ten years old. The vet tells me he's a senior citizen. I asked the vet if that means he gets a discount. Yeah no.OK. Yellow would be cat #2 she adopted us 9 years ago, She too in ten years old. She came to us because the kids down the road where not kind to her and I think she stayed with us because she likes what I feed her. She mostly stays outside except in the winter and then she's mostly inside. The only time she's friendly is when she wants something. But she has earned her keep by bringing me mice. (dead of course)Ferdinand (Ferdi for short) would be cat #3 he found our door step last summer (he was about 4 months old). When he found us he was in bad shape. And I noticed he was deaf. You could sneak up on him and loud noise didn't bother him. And the bully neighborhood cats were picking on him. So after a trip to the vet he is in good health and we have another cat in the house.Black would be cat #4 (I don't have a picture of her). This cat is in foster care. He or she goes between my house and the neighbor. We're not sure what he or she is, but I think Black is a she, because one day I looked--and black looks the same as Yellow and Tyler and Ferdi look the same sooo. Well you can figure it out from there.enough for now.

This is my big sweet five toed Tyler. He has been the best cat.

This is Yellow. She adopted us about 9 years ago. She is a very good hunter. She brings me mice, Shrews, snakes, once in awhile a bird. I have seen her playing with a squirrel. She earns her keep.

This is Ferdi my deaf kitty. He is an instant purr box when you pick him up and give him loves.

I don't have a picture of Black. As I mentioned she is in foster care. So for her protection I haven't taken a picture yet.

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