Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tyler and Ferdi testing a quilt

I know I have a good quilt when they take a nap on it. This quilt belongs to one of my quilting friends Chikako H. She comes over to sew and work on projects. Anyway I had just quilted this one on the longarm and waiting for Chikako to come and put the binding on. The first time I looked Ferdi was trying it out. The next time I looked, Tyler had pushed Ferdi out and he was trying it out. Then I looked again and Ferdi has squeezed himself onto the corner. Well Chikako came and put the binding on and started to go home Tyler followed her to the front door meowing the whole time. He did want her to take that quilt. I think he wanted to do some more testing. Perhaps next time I will show you how they help me while I'm sewing.

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