Monday, June 25, 2012

Jelly Roll challenge

Many months ago my quilting friends and I purchased a jelly roll.
each of us chose a different color and then we got together and decided on a pattern.
We decided on the pattern "State of Grace" by Daniela Stout

I can tell you that I procrastinated on starting mine because my jelly roll had a lot of
creams and it just wasn't working for me with this pattern.
but with a great amount of urging from my quilting friends I took
the plunge and started the project.
I will tell you that the other 3 made one full size quilt.
I didn't have the need for a full size quilt so
I made 2 quilts abt the size 44"x60"

I added brown and blue fabric to my jelly roll. its interesting how
the colors made each look so different.

One will be for keeps and then one will be going to the
"Knight Cancer Institute"

Now this pattern used the sew and flip method to make all of those angles.
as I started this project I looked at all of those corners I would be
cutting off and throwing away. {yes I usually throw them away}
However this time I decided I would sew and another line of
stitching before I cut away the corners. that gave me about 60 or so
pinwheel squares [about 3 1/2" squares]

so what to do. I had several strips left from the jelly roll
and together I made this little quilts

This is a great size for a stroller or to tuck into the baby carrier.

Hope you have a great day


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Three lovely and different projects from one jelly roll - now you have to love that! Well done.

Needled Mom said...

I would say that you did a great job on the jelly roll challenge!!! They each look fantastic.