Monday, May 21, 2012

Scrappy Plates

I have my scrappy plates done. When  I completed my plates I had 26 blocks. The project asked for 12 blocks to complete the quilt. I decided to make the quilts the size I like best. that's about 44" x 60" ~ for that size I only needed 6 plate blocks for each quilt.

That means I had enough for 4 quilts. :o}

Each quilt has a different border just to make each unique.

This is the daisy quilt,

The "green quilt"

The flower quilt

The "blue quilt"

So there are my scrappy plates. I have plans for these and a few other quilts I have resently made. I will be taking them to the "Knight Cancer Institute" here in the Portland area.

Hope you have a great day

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh, those are just lovely and don;t you know they will be treasured! I haven't ever made dresdon plates...yet. I'm thinking they are a bit addictive - am I right?