Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bed Runners

Have you seen them? I saw my first in a hotel in California. Now they're popping up everywhere patterns and books oh my! Bed Runners are well runners that go at the end of your bed. They're about 20" wide and then the length of your bed not quite to the floor.

Well my friend Pat called and asked if I'd seen them and would I make her some. Well of course I would make some for her. So off to "fabric depot" we went. Now Pat has a thing for Batiks -- she loves them. And she wanted a runner for each season. So I said lets make the runners reversible, after searching through all of our fabric choice we came up with some great combinations.





The idea is to have a plain quilt or coverlet on your bed and then the runner at the foot of the bed to give it the color. It doesn't take as much room to store four runners as it would to store 4 full size quilts and the expense is far less for runners.

After Pat picked them up she called me later that evening and said she tried them all on her bed and loves them. Yea!

Hope you have a great day.


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