Monday, February 28, 2011

Connecting Threads

There are two kinds of jobs I do for Connecting Threads; Job one is a "test" it's the first time through a pattern and the fabric used is odds and ends. Job two is the real deal "camera ready" using the fabric that you will buy in the kits. This last catalog that came a few days ago I had projects of both kinds. The first project was a "test" and it turned out cute if I had little kids running around I would make one for them.

It's a back pack -- this is definitely not for the beginner (I needed a little help figuring out the pattern -- thanks Sheri) but once it dawned on us what the pattern was saying it worked up great fun project..

This is the front
(I forgot to take a picture before I left home so I took it with my phone)

This is the back

This is what it looks like in the catalog
fun project. pg. 14

The next project was a table runner this is my work start to finish.

This would be fun for summer decorating.

And here it is in the catalog pg. 18

The next project was a "test" and it was very easy to make.

I think it turned out cute even if the fabric was odds and ends

The last project was a "camera ready" this project worked up easy enough, if you're comfortable with flat felt seams and french seams. it took longer to make then what you might expect. but easy enough.

And this is what it looks like in the catalog.

page 19
Hope you have a great day. :o}


Barb said...

I would say that is a fun job and the last picture works so well together, alone not so well....great jobs!!

quiltingnana said...

what a fun job!!!!

Sheri said...

Way to go!

Pam said...

I do ♥ Connecting Threads (order arriving today!). The backpacks are adorable~thinking my 3 youngest grands will be getting backpacks for Christmas this year.

**I also ♥ Fabric Depot** ;-)