Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NW Quilt Expo

On Saturday (9-25) I went to the quilt show with a group of friend. We had fun looking at all of the quilts. WOW there were some beautiful quilts. And then we stopped and looked at the vendor booths and yes we spent money. ;o}

Here are some of the quilts I liked the best: in no particular order..

This one made me laugh when I saw it. Just a fun look and the county fair.

I grew up in a farming community so I had to take a picture of this one.

This reminded me of a friend. Her husband is a great white hunter and fisherman.

This reminded me of my awesome son. (guitar hero want-a-be)

I came around the corner and found this guy looking at me. too cute.

I like this one it reminds me of the North West . (I just like pine cones)

I wish you could see this one up close. it's tiny very tiny log cabins. Holy Cow. that would take a minute to do. :o}

And these are the treasures I came home with. ;O}

Hope you have a great day.



alice said...

What amazing quilts! And your new treasures look fun. Bet you had a great time.

Carrie said...

Wish I could've gone with you guys again!