Monday, July 19, 2010

Wisconsin BOW

I finally have the Wisconsin blocks done.

I will tell you the blocks for June were a definite challenge.
If fact I almost gave up -- I made mistakes {I might be the only
one that sees the mistakes but they are there}

I kept going and made it through the 5 blocks for June

-- Here they are --

#22 Star Tile -- #23 Italian Tile
#24 Bear Paw
#25 Twirling Mosaic -- #26 Tree of Life
#23 -- had 24 section and took me about 2hours and 45 minutes (OK maybe 2 1/2 hours my Rowenta started on fire and I had to put it out-- don't think I will buy another Rowenta)
#24 -- had 25 sections and took about 3 hours ;o}
Hope you have a great day.


1 comment:

Barb said...

Oh wow....those are wonderful but look hard..