Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Schnibbles #10

Schnibbles #10 was State fair.

Just the very mention of the words "State fair" evokes memories of childhood.
I don't remember going to a State fair but the "county fair" was in the next town over. And I remember the parades, down main street. My Grandpa was a member of the Posse, it was always exciting to watch for him and then cheer when we saw him riding on his horse (he was are very own cowboy). And then when we went to the fair of course we would eat the cotton candy and other fair goodies. The Rodeos were fun to go and watch the brave cowboys. Oh right! this is about the quilt that's why we're here.

This is my "State Fair"

I made it a little larger, the pattern called for 25 blocks and I made 42. If I had the time I would have made 48 block 6x8 would have been a nice size. I think it turned out nice, all together I used 45 different fabrics.

Hope you have a great day. :o}



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your very own State Fair turned out great!

Needled Mom said...

It looks fabulous. Wasn't it a fun pattern?

Rachel said...

It's lovely! It does put me in mind of a happy, colourful parade. Nice job!

Barb said...

ummmm ummmmmm....love it!