Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mini Quilt Show

2009 was my last year for doing the "Bishop Storehouse Quilts" (I started in 2005) all together I was responsible for completing 29 or 30 quilts. In the beginning I did most of the tops -- then the women of the Ward came together and tied them (before long arm days) and then I finished them with binding.

Then when we got the long arm I decided to ask various women to make the tops and then I quilted and bound them. Some of the women were quilters and some not. But all did a great job.

Here are the quilts for 2010..

Erika's #3 daughter needed a project for her "Personal Progress" goals so I said I have a project for you and gave her a bag of squares and this is what she came up with. Nice. :o}

Aerin made this one. I think it will look great for a boy's room.

Jodi made this one. At the beginning of 2009 and started thinking about who I wanted to ask to make the tops for 2010 quilts. Jodi was one of those on the list. During one of our conversations she told me about all of the projects she had to accomplish in the next few months and felt over loaded and said for the next while her answer to people would be no. (thought to myself now is not the time to ask) so a few weeks went by. And Jodi and I talked again. (think this was right after I posted the quilt show pic for 2009) and Jodi lamented that she had not been asked to do a quilt top. I reminded her of the last time we talked and her reply was Oh, So I said if you wont say no I will ask you now. but you don't have to do it now you have several months to do it. Thankfully Jodi agreed. Nice job Jodi.

Jean W. made this one. Jean is not a quilter and was very nervous about the whole project -- I think she did a great job putting it together.

Sheri and I worked on this quilt -- you might remember I challenged Sheri to a "Round Robin" last year and this is how it turned out. Not too bad -- This was our first collaboration and I think we did good. (If I didn't say it Sheri -- "Thanks")

Thanks to all who helped with this fun project. Those who receive the quilts will feel the warmth and love that you put in.

Hope you have a great day. :o}



Barb said...

So much enjoyed all of the quilts!!!

Sheri said...

After I got over being grumpy it was fun!

McKrola Family said...

Wow! those are some great humanitarian quilts. Seems like the ones we end up tying are pretty crazy odd looking.

Candace said...

My mother-in-law was grumpy? No...that can't be right! :) Great looking quilts all around!

Trisha said...

I really want to do more charity quilts this year. What a great idea to make tops and have women from the ward finish them. I wonder if I could convince my friends from my ward to do this. I have tried to teach some quilt classes but nobody sticks too it. Was that your calling to do the quilts?