Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Armed Service Flag Pattern

I have been asked where did I get the pattern for the Armed Service Flag. I did a Google and found it at quilterscache
The instructions are pretty simple:

The white rectangle is 14" x 9"
the blue star is a 6" star you can hand or machine applique the star.
the red borders are 2 1/2"
the instructions said to add backing and batting and quilt as desired.

This last part is how I finished the project the web site didn't tell you how to finish so this is what I came up with.

I used the pillowcase method (didn't want to do binding) Oh I did make a sleeve for hanging. I cut a 3" wide by 11" hemmed the to short ends and then turned under one long side.

I layered my project this way. batting -- backing right side up -- then the hemmed sleeve -- then the flag right side down. Sewed around leaving an opening at the bottom for turning.

after I turned it I pressed the edges to crisp them. and then I stitch in the ditch with white thread all the way around and then I echoed with white thread around the star as close as I could without touching the blue star. Hand finished the opening. then whip stitched the sleeve on the back. I cut a dowel stick about 11" and the red ribbon I cut 20" I wrapped the ribbon around the dowel 2 times and tied it in a knot put the stick through the sleeve and wrapped the ribbon around the other end and tied it off.

And you're ready to display your Armed Services Flag.

Hope you have a great day. :o}