Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tisket a Tasket

WooHoo I have my December block done. :O]

But first I have been busy in the kitchen..

At the beginning of November I made 5 batches of cookie dough and put them in the freezer. Each batch will make approx 6 1/2 dozen cookies. Well I baked my way through the 5 batches, (with two ovens it dosen't take long) and today I made two more batches of dough, I'm hoping that will finish up all the places I need to deliver to. I fear I may need another batch we will see. :o]

Now on to my tisket a tasket.....

I am so excited to have this block done. :o] and now I can't wait to finish -- it's turning out cute. I'm hoping by next week it will be done and ready to post.

Hope you have a great day. :o} and stay warm out there.....


1 comment:

Needled Mom said...

You have been busy! I love the sweet basket.