Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rock and Roll

It has been so cold here in Oregon this past week... Down to 14 that's cold for us. Saturday and now this morning things are warming up and it's been raining. When I left for church @ 11:00 this morning I thought no problem. Right--- :o{

I pulled out of the drive way and didn't even get the car into drive before it started moving. The road was covered in ice. And my little red car couldn't get any traction. And started heading down the road. (there was a news story just a day ago that said if you start sliding look in the direction you want your car to go and it will go. well I was looking but the car didn't go where I was looking) :o{

This is where I finally stopped.

My poor little red car.

This is my neighbor -- he thought he might be able to pull it off the rock. But it's setting on the engine block and needs to be lifted off

So I wait for a wrecker to come.

I hope this next week will go a little smoother.

Have a great day. :o}



jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

I hope it goes smoother too. Sorry bout your little red car.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness.....hope your car will be okay.

Sadie said...

Oh goodness! I am glad you weren't hurt!

Sheri said...

Missed you. Melissa just said you couldn't get out of the park!

Rachel said...

Yikes - that's not the kind of adventure you want to have, is it? I hope your poor little red car is okay.

Cold? We were -36.4 F (-38 C)this morning! Now THAT'S cold!

Betweens said...

Oh Regena!! I am glad the YOU are okay. it is scary when you have no control have been in our ditch in front of our house due to same issue so know where you are coming from. I hope there is no damage in the undercarriage...take care. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday

Miri said...

Hope all is well with your cute red car!

Shasta said...

Oh my, I'm glad you are ok. Hope your car is too. I've enjoyed seeing your calendar BOMs.