Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Many years ago I made bibs for baby gifts. I used an over sized hand towel and cut a hole at one end and then put ribbing in to finish the neck.
Then I would applique a picture on the body of the towel. It made for a cute gift.
Now this idea has come full circle. A few of my friends are now caring for their parents and have asked if I would make bibs for them.

This is the latest set of bibs.

The person I made these for cared for others who were ill or needing special care, She did this for most of her life, so I made a jar with hearts -- then I made a Sunday best with pearls -- and one of her favorite things is butterflies. I hope these bring a smile to her. :o}

A few weeks ago I got brave and emailed Gutermann Threads in hopes of picking them up as a sponsor for my blog. (Gutermann is just about the only thread I use on my home machine) They told me that they get way too many of this type of request. So it was not meant to be. However, they did send me a box of thread.

Thanks Gutermann!

Hope you have a great day. :o}



Needled Mom said...

Great idea. I know how much the big bibs are needed.

Barb said...

Those bibs are wonerful.....

great gift they sent you...

Fiesta said...

Regena do you sell the pattern to the merry christmas wall hanging>

Betweens said...

good try Regena.. it was wonderful that they would send you something in faith though.. I use only gutterman cotton for my hand applique.