Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christmas Stockings part 2

Last year I had a client from Las Vegas call and ask if I would make Christmas stockings for each of her family members. I made eleven stockings for her.


This is last year's Stocking project. There are only ten in the picture because number eleven didn't have a name yet. :o}

So This year Lisa called again to say one of her son's got married and she needed another Christmas stocking. And wanted to know if I would make 7 more stockings and only put a name on one of them. And then as future members come along we can add the names.


That way the stockings will be from the same fabric and will look like part of a set. :o}
I put the fabric and batting for the cuff in the toe of each stocking. So when Lisa needs another one she can send the stocking back and I will finish it and return it back to her.

This year I had Jackie from Smart Wear Imprints do the embroidery for me. She did a great job. :o}

Hope you have a great day. :o}



Barb said... the stockings!!!

searchfamilies said...

Lovely stockings really nice
Hugs Janice

Carrie said...

Those stockings are awesome! What a cool idea for a daughter-in-law present.