Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini Quilt Show

At church we have an on going assignment to make 5 quilts and give them to the Bishops Storehouse. The quilts will be given to families in need in the Portland Oregon area.
For the last 4 or so years it has been my privilege to make sure the quilts get done and ready to hand in by Sept. of each year. Well last year I came up with the idea to ask various women to make the quilts and then I would quilt them on the long arm. It worked out well, so I did it again this year, and I have decided to share their work with you.

This quilt was made by: Barbara she's been
quilting for a couple of years. :o}

This quilt was made by Chikako's Number one daughter,
with the help of little sister and brother. They brought her
the squares and she put them together. Great team work. :o}

This was my quilt for the year. :o}

This quilt was made by Jean O. She is not a quilter
but wanted to give it a go. So I found this pattern
and I think she did a great job. :o}

This quilt was made by three wannabe's
Carrie -- Liz -- Selena.
With Sheri as their quilt mentor.
Great job. :o}

I hope you liked our little quilt show..

I hope you have a great day. :o}



Barb said...

Loved your Mini quilt show...what an awesome thing to do as well...

searchfamilies said...

I loved the mini quilt show all are so nice well done to all who did them
Hugs Janice

Trisha said...

Love seeing those quilts. I wish I could get the women in my ward to quilt more. I tried last year and they made patchwork quilts. This year I am going to try again.

Candace said...

Great job you guys! Especially the three wanna be's. lol There will be some warm happy families who will appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to making each one special.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to see show and share! Thank you for eye candy show!

Sheri said...

When's the show for next year?