Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finding Ferdie

One of the things I like to collect is bears. (the stuffed variety) I like brown bears, but mostly polar bears. OK now to the point. In my sewing room I have a cabinet that I store my supplies and quilt items I have for sell or giving away. On top of the cabinet I have some of my bears, look'n cute. Well a couple of times now I have found some of the bears on the floor. Now this is a six foot tall cabinet. And I could figure out how they where finding their way to the floor. (I did suspect but couldn't prove it until the other day) :o}

When I walk in my sewing room this is what I saw.
Can you see him?

Here let me move a bear for you..

Now can you see him -- yup that's right it's Ferdie.
The funny thing is those bears are just about
the same size as Ferdie I wonder if he thinks
they're cats like him?

After a few pictures Ferdie sat up as if to say. OK ya found me.

Hope you have a great day. :o}



miss~nance said...

OH HOW cute. We have a cat who has lots of fluffy toys on the wardrobe in his room. he often sleeps among them.


Joanna said...

That is so funny! My cat seems to find funny places to hide too. It's as if quilts have this magical power that draws cats to them!

Amy said...

how cute. what personalities they have.

Donna said...

love your little furry possum features - he's obviously lovely company :-)