Friday, May 29, 2009

Ponys and Rainbows

I saw this pattern a year or two ago and knew right away who needed to have it. I told Sheri ( thisoldbatt ) about it, because the little girl that would really like it is one of her granddaughter's. I waited to see if Sheri would make one (I figured a year was enough time to wait). So I decided to ask if she would share her granddaughter with me and could I make the quilt for this granddaughter. Sheri said sure go ahead. (See here's the thing I only have one kid. And he's a great son. But I just like to make girl things every so often) So this little granddaughter just turned "8", I decided this would be a great time to make the quilt. (at church I call her Missy doodle) Now this little Missy doodle likes rainbows and horses.
I hope this will be one of her favorite's.
Hope you have a great day. :o}


Deana said...

That is such a cute quilt! Nice job!

Sheri said...

It already is her favorite.

Carrie said...

Thank you soooo much Regena! You probably saw by reading my blog that she LOVES it! :) She loves you too!

Barb said...

She will absoutely love it...and I have five sons so I know what you are feeling.