Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Cat Pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures of my cats. A few end weeks ago I stayed up a little late checking on my blogs friends. Tyler came in to check on me and decided to curl up in this little cubby on my desk and wait for me to finish and go to bed. :o}

The other day I had a finishing job. A friend asked if I would do a binding for her. Sure no problem. While I worked on it, Tyler decided to test the quilt and insisted on crawling inside the folds of the quilt. This quilt has his approval. :o}

Every so often my cats find hiding places to curl up in to take naps. Sometimes they hide real good. I like to find their hiding places just in case of an emergency. I had to hunt awhile to find Ferdie's hiding place. :o]

Do you know where he is? He's behind the entertainment center, amongst all the wires and plugs. It must be warm back there. :o}
Hope you have a great day. :o}


cathleen said...

I love kitty pictures and your kitties are sweetie-pies!! It truly is fascinating to see the places they find to hide in!

Gina said...

That's so cute! These pictures for made my day a little bit better.
Thanks for sharing the smiles...
meow, meow....

Jeanne said...

My favorite thing to see on the blogs
I read, are kitty pictures and quilts. They just seem to go together.

Sheri said...

Love those cats!