Friday, March 27, 2009

One Gammill Four Names

A few years back the four of us purchased a Gammill Classic.
Oh! how fun. :o}
It's been great whenever we need a quilt done we can just put it on the Gammill and quilt to our hearts content.
The funny part about owning this wonderful quilting machine is, we each have given it a name.

Sheri calls her -- Hummer. Marci calls her -- Jezebel (they didn't have a good start)
Deb calls her --The Machine (Deb is the caretaker, she oils and cleans and keeps her happy) I call her -- Matilda.
Whatever the name, it's been fun being a part owner. And finishing a lot of projects. :o}

Hope you have a great day. :o}


Ruthie said...

What an interesting idea, and obviousley it has worked for you. One of my friends wanted to go in with me when I bought my Gammill, but I declined and am still making payments.

Jeri said...

Hello everybody from Jeri! You guys were really smart to get in on this deal! Nice picture of you all!