Monday, March 2, 2009

No Longer a Visitor

Last Monday Chikako came over to work on a project for daughter #2. While she was working away, Ferdie made his way over to her. I warned her he was ready to jump, she braced herself. And sure enough he jump to her shoulder and then started to play in her hair. (It's fine until Ferdie starts biting your head} :o{ Anyway Chikako asked, if that meant she was no longer a visitor. Yup you're a part of the family. :o}
During our winter in December we had so many power outages that we finally left extension cords out ready for the next one to come. As I passed through the living room, this is what I saw. Tyler and Ferdie look like they're waiting for the next outage too.
I'm so glad Spring is on it's way.
Hope you have a great day.


Gina said...

What a prowler is Ferdie. Lovely way tough.
Thanks for sharing such a precious moment.
Yeah, spring is on it's way!!!

Carrie said...

ROFL! That is so funny!

Chikako said...

I always knew that I was simply irresistable - even cats can't leave me alone!

Simply This and That said...

Chikako you crack me up. Great picture Regena! ooxx`jod

Jeanne said...

Our Jasper likes to bite hair especially when it's wet fresh from the shower. Cute picture!