Monday, February 9, 2009

Eagle Court of Honor

We had an Eagle Court of Honor last night. (Just in case you don't know The Eagle Rank is one of the highest ranks a boy can earn in the Boy Scouts) I think the Court of Honor turned out great. We had a lot of family and friends and teachers come to share in this fun event.
All together we had four earn their Eagle's last year. (The Court of Honor last night was for three of them.) Aren't these the most handsome boys you ever saw!!! :o} (I promised the moms I wouldn't put names) I can tell you that the third from the left is mine.
Their projects were:
Taking photos of grave markers at a local pioneer cemetery for the Historical Society
Paint the "metal works" class room at the High School
Cleaning and yard work at a local pioneer cemetery
Cleaning and putting in stairs at a local park
Great job! These are four boys to be proud of. :o}

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Chikako said...

Great job boys!
I must say that all four boys have wonderful mothers.
Kudos to their mothers.
It was an awesome night.