Sunday, February 22, 2009

Binding Tutorial

I thought I would give this a try and do a tutorial on binding. I think the best part of doing a project is finishing. Once you put the binding on and wash and dry your project the best part happens you get to use it. :o}

Binding 101:

Step 1:
Figuring out how much binding is needed for your project.

First measure your project -- width

Then measure the length.My numbers for this project are 17 x 48 1/8". So now it's time for a little math. Don't worry I've given you the formula and it's easy.

This is the formula for binding.
I'm giving you this chart for changing fractions to decimals. I use it all the time, so I keep it close by.
OK here comes the math-- get your calculator. and key in the numbers --

The answer is 3 1/2 strips. I would round it up and cut 4 strips of binding. Now I generally use 2" wide binding -- however lately I have tried 2 1/4". Now that I have my strips cut on to the next step.

Step 2:

Take your binding strips to the sewing machine. Here is a little tip to make sure your diagonal seams all go the same way. Take one strip place it right side up. Take a second strip and place it right side down and sew a diagonal seam. Take the end of the second piece and place it right side up and then take the third strip and place it right side down and sew a diagonal seam. Repeat until you have all your strips together. And then cut apart and trim excess leaving 1/2" seam.

Step 3:

Take your binding to the ironing board and press seams open and then fold binding and press.

Step 4:
Now you're ready to put the binding on your project. I like to start about 3/4 of the way down on the longest side. When you come to a corner -- stop 1/4" away from the edge and back tack. Take out of the machine and fold the binding on the diagonal (away from your project) and then straight down. And put back under your presser foot and start sewing again. (This is the Liz Porter method for mitered corners)

Now you're on your way to the next corner.

When you pass the last corner, stop about 10 to 12 inches from the start point. Take out of the machine.
Step 5:
There are all kinds of binding tools out there. Here are two that I have picked up. I'm going to work with the Fons and Porter "Binding Tool" today.

With your project on the cutting mat. Trim the right binding piece so it ends in the center of your opening.

Place the binding tool on the end of the right binding strip. (I changed the fabric color here to make it easier to see the marks on the tool.)

Bring left binding over the binding tool and fold back on the line for width of binding. (today I'm working with 2 1/4" so I would fold my binding back on that line)

Cut the left binding on that fold.

Open the left binding so the right side is up and then open the right binding and place right sides together. Place the end of the right strip along the top edge of the left strip.

I place a pin on the corner it helps hold the two pieces in place while I put it under my presser foot to sew.

After you sew across diagonally cut away the excess.

And finger press open.

Now you're ready to finish sewing the binding in place. Yea!

One last tip. When you have the binding done. Take the project to the ironing board and press binding forward. It makes it a lot easier to hand finish to the back.

Now after all this if the thought of binding puts your head in a spin. Find someone to help you out. There are some quilters out there who actually like to do binding. And start finishing those projects and most important start enjoying your projects. :o}

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