Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Project

I decided through all of the snow and cold weather I needed a project to work on. So I picked this little wall hanging. This is an Art to Heart pattern. And I have it hanging in my entryway. It was an easy project and worked up in no time. I think this is the way I like snowmen. No melting and no mess. :o}
As you can see I put buttons on one of the snowmen, I had to get the button box out and that meant I had an instant helper.

Ferdie tried real hard to be goood and only look.

Oh! look, this button will look good on your project. I think I can get it for you.

Yup, here it comes. Did I do good. Yes, Ferdie you did good. Now if only you could help me pick up all of the buttons. :o}


Simply This and That said...

Cute little snowmen! Love em!

Sheri said...

Can Chloe come over and play?

Jeanne said...

Our cat, Annie loves to play with little things like buttons. She'll even use her paw to get one piece of her dry food out of the bowl and then bat it around the room for awhile. When she tires of this, she eats the food.

Karen said...

Love the snowmen and your little helper Ferdie. :)

NinaCherie: said...

Jessica's cat, Skittle, likes to steal 'toys' off the table while I'm sewing: buttons, pins, beads, anything small. She sits on a chair, casually scoping out the table for desirables, then nonchalantly looks away like she's not interested. After several minutes of 'ignoring' the table, she snatches her target like lightening and she's gone.

Linda said...

Beautiful snowman quilt. Cute cat, too. :)