Monday, November 10, 2008

Table quilts

The other day my mom said I have a great idea for Christmas gifts this year. I said OK what do you want me to make.
She said table quilts and I need 5 no maybe you should make 7 and they need to be square and about 25 to 30". I said OK I will see what I can do.
I Think they turned out OK. They turned out to be about 35 to 40" square. Take a look and see what you think?

This is a Log Cabin Star.

This is a Wagon Wheel.
I saw this pattern in a catalog and thought I can make that one, so I worked up a pattern and here you are.

This is Parisian Trip around the World
I found this pattern in a magazine and changed it a little to make it work for a smaller quilt.

This is an Indian Blanket
I have a little booklet that has different blocks and sizes to make them. So I picked this one and repeated it four times.

This is a Hodge Podge.
I found this in a magazine and made it a little smaller to fit my project.

This is Goose on a Pond
I made this pattern a few years ago and decided it would work for this project and made it again.

This is a bear paw.
I only planned to make for blocks on this one but I miss read the pattern and made the smaller block. Sooo I had to make a few more blocks and well there you go. (I'm sure none of you ever make that kind of mistake) :o}
Tell me what you think...


Ruthie said...

I love them. All of them! Boy, that was quick!

SmrfChic said...

I like all of them, but I think the Wagon Wheel one is the prettiest!

NinaCherie: said...

They're all great! I particularly like the Amish look of the colorful Wagon Wheel, and the indian feel your version of Hodge Podge has. Oh, and I always love Bear Paws; the colors and prints you chose look especially good in that pattern.

Terry said...

Those are all so beautiful! I love Goose on the Pond and Hodgepodge the best, but they're all wonderful! :0)

Karen said...

Love them all, but my favourite is the Parisian Trip Around the World.