Tuesday, November 4, 2008

License Plates

Whenever you drive around do you look at the license plates on other cars? Do you make words out of the letters? I'm not talking about the vanity plates, I'm talking about the every day garden variety plates. Here in Oregon our plates have 3 letters and 3 numbers. So I try to make words from the letters -- for example BKR could be baker or banker. OK now to the point, one day I saw a plate that read 888 YDS. Now being a quilter the first thing I thought of was 888 yards of fabric. And thought boy it would be fun to have that much fabric. So I said something to my husband. His only reply was you already have that much. No way! I don't. So when I got home, curiosity got the better of me and I started to count (estimate really) and to my surprise I counted way more than 888 yards. (Please note compared to some of my quilting friends I have a modest stash)

Well I guess wishes can come true.

Now here's a conundrum:

When you buy fabric how much do you buy? When I first started building my stash I bought 2 yards of everything. After awhile I realized if I bought 1 yard I could have a larger variety of fabrics. However if it's a piece I know will go in a lot of project than I buy 2 or more yards.

So how big is your stash? :o} Do you have 888 YDS?


zauggs said...

I don't know, Regena. Want to come estimate mine!

Karen said...

Can't say for sure, without counting. But, I would say around what you have. My stash fills five large and six small rubbermaid containers . Mostly I purchase fat quarters (as I like to applique), but recently started purchasing half meters and 1 meter lengths and larger pieces of nice fabrics (on sale) for backing.