Monday, October 6, 2008

Log Furniture

If you like log furniture then I have a place for you.
"Bear Creek Rustic Furnishings"
You can find this store in Estacada Oregon. Located on Hwy 224 turn left on SW 2nd Ave. If you know where Les Schwab is then you can find Bear Creek. The owner is Bill Huxley, and he makes the furniture. Everything from tables, chairs to beds and sofas. If you like the look then it's worth the drive out there. Or take a look at his site:

This is a picture of one of the king size beds. The quilt is one of mine (It's a medallion quilt)

This is a queen bed, you can see some of the other things he makes. (The quilt on this bed is a Thimbleberries -- Sheri Z made this one.)

We're hoping to sale a few of our quilts and table runners in the store as well.
Have fun checking out "Bear Creek Rustic Furnishings" (503) 502-5791

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Karen said...

Love your quilt.